Body Care





At Cristis you will be offered unique body treatments and specialized cosmetic lines.







1. Absolute Minceur treatment by Guinot

The effects of this unique treatment are: tuberous skin smoothing, improvement of general body contour. Absolue Minceur helps launch the mechanism of fat cell accumulation limitation, toxin elimination, as well as moisturizes and nourishes skin to make it velvety.



2. Salon Body Care Treatments by MARY COHR


03Acti-Aromatique professional treatment improves the body contour by application of essential oils and Dead Sea salt, while the collagen breast lifting treatment will help solve most delicate problems.





3. Body shaping, cellulite treatment and body toning with application of a range of THALGO products



Since stress is not a disease, but a natural reaction of the body adapting to change… Since work, environmental pollution and everyday worries are damaging our body… You always feel the need to restore the energy balance! The strength of serenity and calmness of Orient have inspired Thalgo specialists to create treatments with application of Thalgo products.

These products contain a high concentration of active sea components, all the sea treasures – micro elements, amino acids, vitamins. THALGO products and treatments will give your skin softness, elasticity, healthy look, and will saturate it with energy.

4. Radical Anti-Cellulite Treatment — Mesotherapy


Mesotherapy is a series of injections in cellulite-affected areas that has been successfully used in many medical clinics, as well as elite beauty salons. Exclusivity, as well as improved tolerance of the mesotherapy treatment at Cristis is ensured by the most advanced model of meso-injector DHN-4 with 5 program functions.