Men Care

uslughi dlia muj

Premium cosmetic products from professional lines are used in the treatments that have been developed taking into account the peculiarities of men’s skin and hair and have a favorable effect on the male body.


Men’s Haircut - 24

Men’s Hairstyle - 10

Bear and Mustache Trimming - 8

Men’s Shading - 5

Men’s Scalp Care - 7/15

Men’s Manicure - 12/13

Men’s Manicure - 24


We offer a range of cosmetology treatments for men:

Deep Pore Cleansing - 25/35/55

Face Care - 27/47

Hydradermie - deep skin cleansing and moisturizing - 67/75/90

Cleansing and refreshing men care


Valmont – favors renewal and increase of the energy capacity of men’s skin,

cleanses, saturates skin with moisture, oxygen and energy - 53 C.U.


The most favorite men’s treatment is massage. Massage raises the endorphin production in the body, which is known as the hormone of pleasure. The experienced hands of the massage therapist help improve blood circulation, stretch muscles and ligaments, improve overall skin condition.


Classic Massage - 20

Rehabilitation Massage - 25

Rehabilitation Massage - 30/45

Stone Therapy - 45


To look good in all respects is an axiom of present times! That is why many men entrust their care to professionals, as they have understood that it is beneficial by all means.


Prices for all services are given in C.U.

Payment is made in Moldovan lei at the NBV exchange rate as of the day of payment.

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