Face Care

Efficiency, esthetics, and environmental friendliness are the requirements to the cosmetic products that you deserve.


IMG_5409+"GUINOT" is a leading cosmetics company selling products exclusively in cosmetology clinics and high class beauty salons being the number one on the markets of such countries as France and Great Britain. Clinics in 57 countries of the world, renowned Beauty Institutes, prestigious companies and luxurious salons appreciate the perfect feelings offered by the GUINOT cosmetics. Among the world’s celebrities who prefer GUINOT there are: Naomi Campbell, Mel Gibson, John Collins, Rod Stew art, as well as Russian stars. The queen of all treatments is the worldwide known Hydradermie. One hour of this treatment is enough to have an amazing effect. The aim is deep moisturizing and cleansing based on an individual program.


Hydradermie - deep cleansing and moisturizing based on seven individual programs;

Soin Aromatic -exclusive facial care series on herbal basis (includes over 90 individual programs);

Liftosome - thermodynamic firming and lifting mask;

Beaute Neuve - facial skin renewal with the use of fruit acid enzymes;

Absolute Minceur - body treatment based on the concept and diet of the XXI century.


In order to preserve the effect of the received treatments, you can buy cosmetic products from the home care lines, GUINOT sun protection line, and men’s care special line.


MARY COHR brand employs professional aromatherapy of new age and is a subsidiary line by GUINOT, which has grown from several aroma oil base products in a separate aromatherapy cosmetic series. Each of the MARY COHR treatments is a pleasant journey to the world of essential oils. Discover the pleasure of using these products that have a pleasant texture, quick skin penetrability, and delicate aroma.


Catiovitali - a complex treatment deeply cleansing the skin, which ensures deep cleansing of any type of skin thanks to the exclusive CatioVital machine.


Beaute aromatique - individually selected essential oils are gently applied to your skin accompanied by various massage techniques (finger pressing, reflexology, shiatsu). Afterwards, a cosmetic mask is composed individually for each client combining plant concentrates that can solve your cosmetology-related problems.


Beaute lifting - treatment applying collagen and wrinkle smoothing massage.

Hydra-Neuve - the process of skin cell revival and removal of dead cells that prevent skin from breathing and make it pale.

Beaute des Yeux - brings youth and glow to your eyes. The treatment is based on a special collagen mask accompanied by a relaxing massage.

Valmont - the leading expert in creation of products acknowledged for achievement of visible and long-lasting effect.


Thanks to preservation of clean environment - pristine nature, clean water and air – the conditions for development and manufacturing of the high-quality cosmetic products by Laboratoires Valmont are most favorable. This is why, Laboratoires Valmont use such rich mineral resources of Switzerland, such as:


  • Water from glaciers
  • Swiss therapeutic water
  • Plant extracts used for the Nature by Valmont line grown by specialists of Laboratoires Valmont.


Natural plant extracts and water from Swiss Alps are the basic elements of this line; products do not contain lanolin, petrolatum (Vaseline), have been strictly tested for hypo allergy.



The skin care line by Valmont is designed to preserve the youthfulness of skin, to prevent aging, hormonal misbalance or to eliminate other causes negatively influencing its health and beauty. In its recipes Valmont uses DNA and RNA and water from glaciers.


Collagen for Eyes a selective treatment for deep moisturizing of the eyelids area. It has a smoothing and anti-edema anti-age effect.

Moisturizing Source long-term deep moisturizing due to an algae mask; suitable for young skin

Moisturizing and Energy regeneration of energy capacity with a lasting moisturizing and rejuvenating effect due to DNA complex and collagen mask

Cleanness and Youthfulness Youthfulness treatment helps restore the hydrolipid balance, regulates the sebaceous gland secretion and has an astringent softening effect. Reduces muscle tension and wipes out stress marks.


image_bottomObagi Medical Products (USA) is a pharmaceutical company specialized in production of patented prescribed skin care systems of products applied in certain doses and sequence. Each system is unique and based on inventions and advanced technologies. The company was established in 1988 by Dr. Obagi, a famous dermatologist, and its mission was not only to take care of problematic areas, but also to apply treatment all over the facial skin surface. Obagi is the most effective home series.


It is efficient in such problems as:


- Hyper pigmentation;

- Deep wrinkles;

- Sagging skin;

- Acne (age- and youth-specific);

- Rosacea, hyperkeratosis.


Оbagi intensifies the skin property to self-moisturize and strengthens its resistance to external factors. According to studies, Obagi is the most demanded trademark among professional skin care systems in the US.