VIP service


Cristis Beauty Salon has two types of VIP Service offered to permanent clients. These offers are available only for salon clients who have Cristis Vouchers.



1. Сristis VIP Service – closing of the salon for the time of servicing a private client or a couple on special occasions. Away from the people’s eyes, in an atmosphere of privacy, comfort and coziness, salon’s specialists will work only for you and your company.


2. Cristis VIP Service – a visit of a salon specialist or a team to provide service to the client at the office, at home, at the film set, at a social event or at another important occasion.


vip sservice+Confiding in the hands of professionals, you can plan your own service schedule. At the appointed time, the salon will move to your place to create your own beauty space. The invited Cristis specialists will be at your personal disposal when you need it, while the salon management will take the responsibility for the professionalism of the master and the result of their work, compliance with hygiene rules and brand service, will provide a guarantee for service quality, vouchers for the cosmetic products, materials, technologies, accessories at work.


The order of booking and payment for services is to be clarified with the salon administration.


valet-service01+Valet Service

For the comfort of our clients, Cristis offers Valet Service. You can leave us your car key and we will park your car where it is most suitable and convenient for you.