Machine Cosmetology

Machine Cosmetology




HydraFacial – complex machine skin treatment

Hydrafacial is the newest machine method used in aesthetic medicine, which delicately cleans and rejuvenates the skin. This is a patented non-invasive technology, which will deeply clean, moist and rejuvenate your skin.

The Hydrafacial procedure now ranks among the TOP popular procedures in the most prestigious aesthetic medicine clinics and high-class SPA-centers all over the world.

The HydraFacial methodology has a triple effect on your skin – during one procedure your skin is cleaned and peeled, undergoes antioxidant therapy and hydration, and your comedones are extracted. During this all-inclusive procedure, your skin is simultaneously cleaned by vacuum and actively moistened by various active serums. As a result, your skin is intensively moistened and renewed, various skin problems are eliminated, and anti-aging care takes place.

Depending on the type of the chosen procedure and in accordance with the indications of a particular patient, lymphatic drainage, crystal-free diamond hydrodermabrasion, acid peel, anti-wrinkle serum, red or blue LED light therapy can be additionally used.



Intraceuticals procedure

The Intraceuticals Company (Australia) has combined medical and cosmetic science to develop the revolutionary system based on the application of hyperbaric oxygenation technology in aesthetic medicine for skin care.



The methodology of the premium class, which has no equal for efficiency, comfort and safety, aims:

- to reduce superficial and deep wrinkles

- to correct the oval of the face and neck

- to hydrate the skin deeply

- to treat couperose and pigment spots

- to solve the oily skin and acne problems without age restrictions.

The striking effect after the first intraceuticals procedure exceeds all expectations: wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin instantly acquires an even tone, and a healthy and radiant appearance.

The result of the course of intraceuticals procedures can be compared with the result of a biorevitalization course, and is recommended as an alternative for clients with a low pain threshold. Numerous positive feedbacks about intraceuticals on the part of the stars of worldwide and domestic show business confirm the unique properties of our procedure.



New Look by Guinot




Тechni SPA does real miracles. Your skin is lifted and leveled out; you are toned, in a great mood and look much younger.



Cristis Beauty Salon offers its favorite clients an irreplaceable new-generation machine. Techni SPA is a real solution to problems you do not want to tell everybody about, and now you will be able to forget about them. Taking up the struggle with cellulite, it reaches the set target.




The principle of lipo-dermo-aspiration by Guinot is based on a three-level impact on cellulite deposits, body contour and general tonus:


  • First Level: Physical Impact The lipo-aspiration treatment is performed by an ionizing massager able to destroy cellulite cells with impact on various types of cellulite on different parts of the body.
  • Second Level: Biological Impact The ionization treatment is performed by roll-on electrodes in combination with ionizing serums. The products with a lipolytic effect reduce fat deposits, stimulate blood circulation, reduce edemas, as well as ensure vitality and tissue drainage.
  • Final Level: Muscular Impact. Will strengthen tissues, as well as eliminate toxins and fat at the third level of treatment – stimulation. Muscle stimulation takes place by micro-currents with the help of metal rollers and various specially developed massage moves.


Intensive therapy is needed at least three times a week, while once in a month would be enough as a support treatment.





Lift Massage does not conceal the signs of aging. Lift massage awakens the sleeping reserves of the tissues for natural skin rejuvenation.


Using the modern machine LIFT–6 by the French company LPG our doctors will give you an opportunity to feel the rejuvenation effect without surgery.






Face lifting (LIFT-6):


  • Improves blood circulation
  • Eliminates fat deposits in the chin and neck area
  • Relaxes muscle spasms
  • Relaxes muscle spasms
  • Reduces the number of wrinkles
  • Removes eye bags
  • Changes pigmentation
  • Restores skin after rejuvenation


Face Lifting Treatment Technique (LIFT-6):


Intensive three-dimensional stimulation takes place within the treatment, which has an effect on the skin of the face, neck, breast, and decollete. Operating hand-piece “works out” all skin segments in three directions, centimeter by centimeter. There is stimulation of the connective tissue, mobilization of its different layers, local improvement of blood circulation, as well as relaxation of muscle spasms and active liquid circulation, which contributes to efficient face, breast, neck, and decollete lifting. The major distinction of this technology among other rejuvenation products (cosmetology, machine and surgical) is that Lift6 launches the regeneration mechanism: the skin changes not only visually, but also internally: it redevelops its structure and starts working in the “youth” mode itself.