Our team

Lucia Berdos

/Owner of Cristis Beauty Salon/

DSC_3843+The motto of CRISTIS is to reveal the secret of a woman. In the search for perfection, it is important not only to be beautiful, but also to stay unique.

We do our best for the visit to CRISTIS Salon to be accompanied by the feeling of carelessness, lightness, hovering, we want every guest to feel in the groove, and the pleasant impressions to stay with them long after.

Olesea Krolenko

Olesea Crolenco


For me, Cristis has always been associated with style and beauty, which makes me happy to be part of this company. We offer excellent service and gorgeous looks!

We move forward, keep developing. I value my job for the opportunity of personal and professional development.

oxana apostoliuk

Oxana Apostoliuc


svetalana russu

Svetlana Russu


I am happy that Cristis has become my workplace, because here they value traditions and respect corporate culture! I like our team very much, I love my clients. I am grateful to the company for the opportunity of carrier and professional development and cannot imagine my life without Cristis anymore.

Our salon has become my first workplace in Chisinau. I am thankful to Cristis for the best training, for the opportunity to work with the leading partners and brands. I value my job for the opportunity of professional growth.

ekaterina matkovskii

Ecaterina Matcovschi


iulia lungu

Iulia Lungu


For me, Cristis is an opportunity of professional development and new achievements!

Cristis is a team of professionals for professionals. Most of all I appreciate the professional growth opportunity: trainings, education, participation in PR projects. All these help me grow, develop, attract new clients, which is the recipe for financial and professional success.

kornel bantash

Cornel Bantaş


dmitri ribciuk

Dumitru Rîbciuc


I love my clients; they love me and our salon. I have to be always by their side!!

I am a creative person always searching for new interesting ideas for my clients’ looks. And Cristis helps realizing my creative and professional ideas and achieve top aims!

Svetlana pankova

Svetlana Pancova

/Stylist make-up artist/

Laura Balan

Laura Balan

/Doctor dermatologist-cosmetologist/

Cosmetology is such a wide area that it may seem impossible to cover it all, but Cristis helps us discover new things and deepen the already existing knowledge!

Here, I feel myself at home – we have a friendly team headed by a terrific manager and nice clients!

ludmila bantash

Ludmila Bantaş

/Doctor therapist-cosmetologist/


Tatiana Vlas

/Manicure master/

I feel good and comfortable in our salon. I come to work and I feel the warmth, sincerity, I do not notice how the day passes, because I spend it either with my favorite clients or close colleagues !

I could never imagine that I would work at Cristis some time. I am very happy to be a part of this team, working here is mere pleasure.

liubovi ignatiuc

Liubovi Ignatiuc

/Manicure master/

Lilia Ajder

Lilia Ajder

/Manicure and pedicure master/

I love my clients very much. I feel it is mutual and value the relationships we have established very much. I treasure it a lot, I try to multiply my achievements and do more, even if it requires coming to the salon very early in the morning or very late at night!

Îmi place foarte mult ceea ce fac şi mă bucur că Cristis îmi oferă posibilitatea de a mă realiza şi de a obţine noi rezultate.

natalia shauga

Natalia Şauga

/Manicure and pedicure master/

Natalia Demina

Natalia Demina

/Manicure and pedicure master/

I love my job. We have a great team. I appreciate my clients and I try to develop an individual approach to each one of them!

First of all, they give us work! No time for boredom! And of course the atmosphere is wonderful and the manager is very enlightened!

Rita Birulina

Rita Biriulina

/Body cosmetologist/

Viorel Makovei

Viorel Macovei

/Body cosmetologist/

I share the company’s spirit and philosophy, as well as individual approach not only to every client, but also to every staff member!