The background of Cristis is the story of rampant development, incredible changes, and new achievements. It is a success story of a big and talented team that has become possible due to inspiration and energy of its creators. It is the story of love, devotion and true service to beauty.

Everything starts with love… It is a strong embracing feeling driving the world. Love had laid the basis of the phenomenon called Cristis Salon, which, just like a real feeling, was born to give absolute joy and happiness. In 1998 Cristis started its activity to become then the Mecca for genuine connoisseurs of high style

Cristis Beauty Salon operates based on the principle of harmony of form and context. A special atmosphere of peace and comfort, original interior design, high level of professionalism and quality of service – all these are driven by the great love to clients.




Beautiful cannot be perceived,

it has to be felt or created …

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