The eyebrows are one of the dominating features of the face: the attractiveness and expression of the eyes, the effect and appeal of the look depend on their form... Therefore, it is extremely important to “shape” them in such a way as to highlight all the advantages, while the defects are fully hidden. This is a task that the eyebrow microblading technique can handle. 56cec2a075c96 56cec2a135894 Beauty Female Eye With Curl Long False Eyelashes 56cec316c0e19 Imagine: you get well-attended eyebrows the moment you wake up. You don’t have to bother about pencils, brushes and other small things anymore! Step by step on the way to ideal eyebrows. 56cec2a075c96 Microblading is a relatively new technique of creating very thin hairs in the eyebrow area with the help of manual tattoo that is performed with a special tool. In the West, microblading is also called microstroking or eyebrow embroidery. Indeed, this technique is so fine and delicate that it reminds of a painting. Thin hairs are painted towards the “tail” of the eyebrow that imitates its natural hair. The hairs must be of different length and be applied towards the direction of growth. Some of them can stand out from the multitude, creating similarity with the growth of natural eyebrows. This method has a soft effect, because it is only performed in the upper layers of the epidermis without touching the nervous terminations. Beauty Female Eye With Curl Long False Eyelashes Advantages of the procedure: Undoubtedly, this type of tattoo has multiple advantages that make it so popular among women. The main advantages of the method are:

  • Microblading lasts a lot less than the classic tattoo – the duration of the procedure is almost twice shorter;
  • This type of tattoo is less painful due to the very thin needles and the shorter duration of the procedure;
  • The skin is minimally damaged and, as a result, the puffiness after the procedure is minimal;
  • Short rehabilitation after the microblading – immediately after the procedure you can go on with your life (go to work, studies, to a meeting with friends, etc.);
  • The pigment settles down well in the skin – up to 90%, which allows reaching the desired form and color of the eyebrows after the first application;
  • Maximum effect and the thinnest hair can only be obtained by using this technique of eyebrow tattoo;
  • Natural form of eyebrows immediately after the procedure;
Microblading is an excellent replacement to the usual eyebrow tattoo. Natural and beautiful eyebrows that will allow your appearance to become ideal and you will not have to waste a lot of time for regularly giving the necessary form and color to the eyebrows. It should be highlighted that the procedure does not have age restrictions, therefore absolutely any woman can create amazing eyebrows. 56cec2a135894

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